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Need to entertain the under 8 year olds whilst the older ones enjoy the Sea Fun  Park? We now have an area for 2-8 year olds. 

The best summer destination for all ages, young and old!!! If you want to live a summer full of countless dives and endless play, then it’s time to enter the wonderful world of waterparks and experience wonderful moments in the water.
All the inflatable toys are totally safe and fulfill all the technical requirements, in order to offer to you and your children the safety in combination with the carelessness that every parent is looking for. Respecting the special circumstances of the present period and having always in mind the protection of public health, and of course yours, we observe all the necessary measures, whereas we disinfect all lifejackets and toys after every use.

Parents are welcome to accompany their children into the Kids Funland (at no charge)



  • Lifeguards patrol every session

  • It is mandatory for ALL users of the Park to wear a BOUYANCY VEST at all times. It is your responsibility to ensure your vest fits securely and the straps are tightened

  • All participants MUST be able to swim

  • Minimum age is 9 years old. 

  • Kids FUNCITY 2-8 years old.Parents are welcome to accompany their children in to the FUN CITY (at no charge)


  • NEVER DIVE HEAD FIRST into the water from any obstacle. You must always enter the water feet first

  • ALWAYS look up whilst climbing. Do not climb underneath someone climbing above you. People can slip and fall whilst climbing.

  • Make sure the water and landing area is clear of all people before jumping or sliding into the water.

  • Correct sliding position on the slides is to have arms crossed across your chest with feet and legs together.

  • If sliding with a friend DO NOT hold hands. Slide separately.

  • Do not slide down any area that has climbing handles attached.

  • No pushing or excessively rough play. Smaller children must always be given right of way.

  • Tread carefully and show caution, as the park is slippery and unstable

  • You can only enter and exit the water using the blue ramp

  • NO items of jewellery can be worn when using the Sea Fun  Park.  This includes all rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and anklets

  • The park must NEVER be used under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs.  Any customers who are suspected of being under the influence will not be allowed to participate

  • Sun protection is recommended and is the sole responsibility of the customer

  • Always follow the directions of the STAFF on duty

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